Start moving money virtually free!

Without an Ashirin account, transferring from one Nigerian bank to another incurs cost of at least #52.50k.
Using Ashirin, customers don't have to worry about such charges; it's only #20.00k

Why You Need to Open an Ashirin Account


No setup fee


No minimium balance


No SMS or ATM charge


#20 only as transfer charge

What You Can Do on Your Ashirin Account

Refund System

Do you by mistake make a payment, click the REFUND button - your money is reversed immediately

Request Money

In urgent financial need? Create a request and send to family and friend using Ashirin, you now have money

Pay Bills

From the comfort of your home/office, pay your electricity, water, security, school, transport, and every other bills

Create Reserve

Do you have a future financial goal?
Create a Reserve on your Ashirin Account for such purpose and get it when needed.

Ashirin Support

Any Questions? Our Customer Care is happy to help you

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