Alonge Olatunji

I am inspired when you call me ArkoFGod. My big eyeballs make me see everything big; problem solving is what I do.
A graduate of Mechanical Engineering.

Ashirin Media Manager

A young man passionate about people, always ready to help in his capacity. He loves surfing for tech knowledge. He is a social man
A graduate of Applied Geology.

Head, Ashirin Marketing Team

A graduate of Accounting from Nnamdi Azikwe University.
She likes to be call Estyjean. Calmness, humility and ideas generation are her's.

Head, Ashirin Legal Team

This position is currently vacant.
 Qualified and interested? Send your application, CV and or resume to

Elite gentleman with a drive for purpose and orientation for results.
Had a degree in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.

Francis Aremo

Francis co-founded Ashirin and likes giving and taking trainings. He is a programmer and a degree holder in Microbiology.