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Got cash at 11pm? We're open! 

Deposit money on Ashirin at any time, day or night, any day of the week, anywhere. Make 24/7 cash deposits using Ashirin Fund Card.

How Ashirin Account Works

Multi-Channel Payment System - Website, API, QR Scan, PayPal, Perfect Money, Crypto & more.

Never miss a payment - Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Transfers, Wallets, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, & still adding

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Refund System

Do you by mistake make a payment, click the REFUND button - your money is reversed immediately

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In urgent financial need? Create a request and send to family and friends using Ashirin, you now have money

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From the comfort of your home, pay your electricity, water, security, school, transport, and every other bills

Fraud Protection

All transactions on Ashirin are secure with end-to-end encryption; join the many who trust us

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Embed Payment Buttons on your Websites & Blogs

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Integrate our Simple Payment API Gateway.

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