Transaction charges

Our business model is fully based on revenue sharing: there is no sign-up, integration or recurring usage fees.

Transaction Nature Charges
DepositFrom Debit Card to Ashirin account#20
DepositFrom PayPal to Ashirin account#20 + 4.5%
DepositFrom Perfect Money to Ashirin account#20 + 4.5%
DepositFrom Bitcoin to Ashirin account#20 + 3.5%
SendFrom one Ashirin account to another Ashirin account#20
WithdrawAshirin ATM Card#0.00
WithdrawAshirin to other banks account#20 + 2%
WithdrawAshirin to PayPal#20 + 1.5%
Fund PINSaving using Ashirin Fund PIN1% and lesser
Pay PINWithdrawing using Ashirin Fund PIN#0.00
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